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Must-have Sex Toys for Couples

Whether you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship or you just want to spice things up in the bedroom, sex toys can help you achieve the intimacy you are looking for. Some couples, especially those who are together for a long time will experience a decrease in sex drive.

Sex is known to be a factor that improves relationships between couples and losing both of your sex drives is not a good sign. To revive the spark of your intimacy, you must make sex not only intimate but exciting. Even distance should not stop you from having good sex with your partner and there are so many ways that you can do it, with a help of good sex toys of course.

The Benefits Of Sex Toys To Couples

Couple making out

There quite a few benefits sex toys can contribute to your relationship. Contrary to most people's belief, a sex toy is not only used for solo pleasure but also for couples who are looking for adventures in their sex life. Understand all the benefits of couples sex toy to your relationship by checking them out below:

Spice Up Your Sexual Routine

This benefit best suits couples who are together for a long time and have already noticed a decline in sexual desire within the relationship. Incorporating couples sex toys into your intimate time together will break the boring routine and offer new and fun things that both you and your partner will look forward to all the time.

Both you and your partner can make use of the sex toys to stimulate each other and help each other in masturbating. There are also sex toys that both of you can share so that you can enjoy the pleasure it provides at the same time thus improve the intimacy and sexual bond.

Explore and be creative with your sex toys. You can be kinky together and recreate your favorite scene on that fifty shades of grey movie that you wanted to try for the longest time. This is the time to use your imagination and enjoy fun and satisfying sex with your partner.

More Orgasms

Not all women experience orgasms during sex. Only an estimated 18% of the women around the world experience orgasm from penetrative sex alone. The rest will require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Vibrators can come in handy for men who wanted to satisfy their women in bed. Men can stimulate their partners by helping them with the vibrators or let their women use them on their own as men watch them achieve orgasm. Watching your lady enjoying a vibrator alone can be visually arousing.

Pleasure in sex is an important factor in an intimate relationship. You must keep the fire burning by making sure the pleasure will not vanish. Adding sex toys to your relationship will definitely make a huge difference.

No More Pressure

Both men and women experience pressure when it comes to satisfying their partners. This concern is mostly faced by men where they feel they need to do extra just to make their women orgasm. Women on the other hand are worried that they are not giving their men the satisfaction that they need in bed.

The mentioned situations can put a lot of pressure on both parties. The pressure may cause a decline in sex drive as couples tend to be more conscious of whether they are satisfying their partner or not. However, if you use a sex toy for couples, you will be at ease because you can be sure that both you and your partner will surely experience a good time together.

With the help of couples vibrator and other sex toys, you can now focus on the sex itself and not your performance. By doing so, you can start enjoying the pleasure sex can provide and watch your partner reach orgasm.

Improves Communication Between Couples

Couple Lying in Bed

Talking about sex toys is an uncomfortable topic even if you talk about it with your partner. Once both of you can freely talk about this topic to one another your communication will surely improve. When you can discuss sex toys and foreplay with your partner you will notice that your communication will become more at ease and you become more comfortable with each other.

Discussing sex toys is one thing but communicating as you are using it is another. Proper communication can greatly contribute to how well you will make use of the sex toys. You must be open to one another and be vocal about what you want, what you are expecting, and what you are feeling.

This is where honesty comes in. The more honest you are to your partner the better your experience will be. Honesty in communication is the key to improve your relationship, not only in bed but throughout your relationship in general.

Boosting Intimacy

Most couples who communicate properly are more intimate than those who are not. Once you establish trust, good communication, and honesty, your intimacy will follow. Additionally, most women feel uncomfortable with being naked because they are not happy with how they look.

With a sex toy around, the anxiety your partner feels will decrease as she will be more focused on the toy than being naked. You must also know that it is okay for your partner to reject the idea of using a sex toy especially if it is their first time. What you can do is follow some tips on how you can introduce sex toys to first-timers.

Tips On Introducing the Use of A Sex Toy To First Timers

Adult Couple Choosing Sex Toys for the First time

There is always a first time to everything and using a sex toy is not different. The topic of sex toys can be intimidating to some, especially to those who are not well educated with this wonderful technology. If you wanted to introduce sex toys to your partner who has never used one before, it is best to follow these tips below to ensure that you will not step on the wrong foot and ruin your chance.

Timing is Everything

A common mistake people do when introducing a sex toy to their partner is to whip it out of nowhere during sex. Of course, your partner will be surprised by this gesture and will definitely lose interest in sex. Some people are not comfortable with sex toys and it might make them feel inadequate that will create insecurities.

Your partner might think that they are not enough that is why you are bringing your toys out. This is not good for your relationship at all. What is considered the best time to introduce sex toys to your partner is through a conversation outside of sex.

Open it up with your partner during specific conversations that you think are appropriate for such a topic. Your approach can vary depending on the flow of your conversation or how well do you know your partner. Once you find the perfect timing you must grab it and slowly introduce the idea of using a sex toy in your next bedroom session.

Know If What You Are Proposing Is Still Normal

Sex Toys

Wanting to add sex toys to your relationship is normal. It is part of experimentation people do in the bedroom alone or with their partners. However, the mistake that some people do is asking their partner to use sex toys for them and not with them.

You must think if your proposal will benefit both parties and not only your desire. When you propose something to your partner and they will see how it can benefit them as well, chances are they will be open to trying what you are suggested.

Additionally, don't go overboard with your kinky ideas and foreplay as it might scare your partner away. Control your imagination and only be creative if your partner is already engaged in kinky sex. Both of you can move forward together and enjoy the moment.

Never Condemn or Apologize

Whatever the outcome of your conversation will be never condemn your partner or apologize. Everyone has their own preference and whatever your partner prefer you must respect it. Do not make your partner feel that you are not satisfied with the sex you are having or point out some issues you notice during sex. This will only increase any insecurities your partner is suffering from and it is not a good thing for your relationship in general.

Additionally, never apologize for your own preference as well. Your partner must also understand and respect what you want. Wanting to use a sex toy during sex is normal and is something you must not be apologizing about.

Don't Pressure Your Partner

Woman in White Shirt Wearing Framed Glasses Holding Sex Toys

Never pressure your partner in using sex toys. If they don't feel comfortable with it then don't force them to. Give them time to process the idea and maybe they will consider it, not now but someday. Forcing your partner to do what you want will only trigger anxiety or fear that they might be hiding.

Shop Sex Toys Together

If your partner agrees with your idea, then it is now time for shopping. It is best to go shopping with your partner and choose a toy together. It can be a fun and new way to bond with your partner. Shopping together is also the best way to educate your partner further about sex toys without intimidating them.

You can do the shopping in-store or online whichever you prefer. If both of you are bold enough to visit a local sex toy shop and purchase your first couples sex toy there then you must. However, if you or your partner is not comfortable buying sex toys with a lot of prying eyes around, you can opt to purchase online instead.

But beware, there are so many sex toys for couples out there in the market and you might feel overwhelmed with the infinite options.

The Best Sex Toys For Couples

Now that you know the benefits of sex toys can bring to your relationship plus you and your partner already agreed to incorporate sex toys into your relationship, it is now time to choose what toys you will use. Following are the top-recommended couples sex toys you might want to consider.

Couples Vibrators

Girl holding vibrator

The most popular couple sex toys today are couples vibrators. This sex toy is a great source of hands-free pleasure for both men and women. Following are the couples vibrators that are recommended for you.

Satisfyer Double Plus

The Satisfyer Double Plus is a vibrator that can provide an exciting experience for both men and women during penetrative sex. Its perfect 'U' shape is designed to fit the woman's vagina perfectly while making men penetrate easily at the same time. Its design and texture make thrusting easy and pleasurable.

It is the most affordable amongst the couples vibrators yet it is still made out of quality material such as body-friendly silicone. It is rechargeable and can work for up to 1 hour non-stop which makes your pleasure continuous.

The Satisfyer Double Plus is available in two variants, with and without the remote control. Either you or your partner can take control of the remote and make your sex more creative and fun. You will have control over the vibrator's settings and with one easy touch, you will jump from one mode to the other.

Fin Finger Vibrator

Fin Finger Vibrator is best if your partner loves finger penetration and clitoral stimulation kind of sex. Some women are not into penises which makes this toy the best option for them. The toy perfectly fits your pointer finger with a power that provides serious pleasure.

Jive Couples Vibrator

Jive Vibrator

Another type of couples vibrator that is best for women who are looking for a vibration that fingers and penis can't do, then the Jive Couples Vibrator is the best option for you. You can wear this egg shape vibrator during oral sex.

This vibrator can also be remotely controlled via a smartphone app which can add up to the excitement of the toy in general.

WE-Vibe Chorus Sex Toy

Another couple vibrator that is worth checking out is the WE-Vibe Chorus Sex Toy. It is a bit pricey but the pleasure it gives you and your partner is out of this world. The toy is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot while providing powerful vibrations for your partner's penis.

It comes with a remote control with an easy squeeze control feature to provide non-interrupted pleasure. You can as well download the We-connect app to your smartphone and control the toy's setting from the app. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can let your partner download the app on his phone and let him control the device from far away.

Union Vibrating Double Dildo

This couple vibrator is made for partners with two vaginas. This double vibrating dildo is made for simultaneous penetration that both parties will enjoy together. This sex toy will definitely give you and your partner the best sex experience.

Cock Rings

Buyer considers Cock Rings

Another well-loved sex toys by couples are the cock rings. There are so many variations of cock rings that you can find and each of them provides a different sensation.

Satisfyer Power Ring

Satisfyer Power Ring is the best vibrating cock ring for couples who are using it for the first time. It is not expensive yet you can ensure that the material used is safe. The ring offers 10 vibration functions and is super quiet.

The toy is waterproof and is easy to clean. The ring itself measures a diameter of 0.9x1.02 inches, while the entire toy measures 2.16x1.65x0.78 inches.

Mio Cock Ring

Additional vibrations during penetrative sex can boost the pleasure both you and your partner experience. This silicone padded cock ring is placed at the base of the penis which provides the best distribution of vibrations not only to the penis but also to the vagina.

The toy can also be used to tease your man a little bit before engaging in full penetrative sex. Your man will definitely enjoy the use of cock rings as long as you know how to push his buttons and provide him with great pleasure using the toy.

Lovehoney's Bionic Vibrating Cock Ring

This cock ring might look intimidating at first, but when you get to try it, the toy will instantly become your favorite. The ring is created and designed to provide couples the best out of shared climaxes. The toy has a stretchy ring that vibrates to provide an over-the-top sensation.

Vedo Overdrive Plus Vibrating Cock Ring

The improved design of the Vedo Overdrive cock ring is now giving users a sleeker and sexier design which provides more comfortable usage. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your men's erect penis and the vibration modes will surely hit the perfect erogenous zones you and your partner have.

The ring is made with stretchable silicone to ensure that it will fit any penis size. The motor can run up to 45 minutes and is also a waterproof toy that can be used underwater or in the shower. Play around with the cock ring and explore new favorites with your partner.

Kinky Sex Toys

Handcuffs and Whips Kinky Sex Toys

To add a little bit of spice to your bedroom foreplay, adding some kinky toys on top of the sex toys you already have can provide an extra boost to your experience. Some of the kinky toys that must be included on your sex toy list are:

Roll Play Foreplay Dice by Lovehoney Oh!

Sexual stimulations can be done in a fun way with the help of the foreplay dice from Lovehoney Oh!'s collection. Roll out that dice and do the suggested activities which can surely start pleasurable stimulation.

Bondage Kit

Are you a fan of BDSM? The bondage kit can give more stimulation to you and your partner. A bondage kit usually includes a blindfold, ballgag, cuffs, and flogger. Before purchasing, make sure that your partner agrees to use this kind of kinky toy as it can provide a wrong impression.

In General

Sex Toys with condom beside

Sex toys will let you discover new highs of your sexual relationship and you will never look at sex the same way again. It is time to break the stigma surrounding sex toys and start being creative and adventurous in the bedroom with the love of your life.

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