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Reasons Why You Should Wear a Lingerie

Aside from stocking up your drawers with good sex toys, you must also consider throwing in a couple of lingerie in your wardrobe. You might already see some women in movies who wear lingerie and find them sexy and hot. Imagine yourself wearing those lingeries, how will you feel? Will you feel hot and sexy too? Will it turn you on?

These undergarments are made because of the benefits they can contribute to women. If you are looking for a reason why you should start shopping for lingerie, here are some things that you might want to ponder.

Improve Self-Esteem

All women experienced a sudden drop in their self-confidence every now and then. Even celebrities experience this once in a while and how we look or what we wear helps boost and bring our confidence back up. Even if lingeries are just hidden under your clothes, they will still make you feel hot and sexy.

You have to feel good about yourself and you might be surprised how wearing lingerie can provide you with this. It is not just about impressing your partner with these sexy undergarments but it is about how you impress yourself. Once you feel good about yourself, it will resonate and will automatically impress others without any effort.

It's an Act of Self-Love

Girl hugging herself

Whether you are in a relationship or if you are single, it should not affect your decision to wear lingerie. Giving yourself all the best it can get from you is a great form of self-love and if wearing lingerie will make you feel fierce, confident, and sexy then you must do it.

Some women say that they do not need to wear lingerie even if they want to because they are single and nobody will see it except them. Some may say that their partners won't even appreciate their lingerie so what's the point in wearing them.

That is not what you should focus on. It should be everything about you. If you want to wear it no matter what the circumstances are you must not let anything or anyone stop you from doing it.

Wearing Lingerie As A Celebration Of Your Body

two girls eating pizza

No matter what size or shape, every woman deserves to celebrate their body. Wearing something sexy will make you feel worthy. Most women on the plus size or even those on the smallest size tend to cover their body with loose clothes as they thought they can hide their size. What they might not know is that they are making a huge mistake.

Wearing baggy clothing will only further decrease your confidence level and will not do anything good for your body. No matter what size you are, you should flaunt your figure with confidence by wearing lingerie.

Will Make You Look Better

Lingeries will not only make you feel good but they will also make you look good. In relation to not wearing baggy clothing to hide your figure, a pair of properly sized lingerie will help you emphasize your best assets.

To ensure that your lingerie will bring out the best of you, you should pick the correct size of lingerie. The majority of women creates a mistake every time they purchase a bra which is picking the wrong size.

Having the correct size undergarments will make you slimmer which is why lingerie is a huge help in sculpting your beautiful figure especially if it is sized correctly.

Best Way To Express Personality

two women drinking in yacht

Lingeries nowadays are not just worn as undergarments. Many women have worn lingeries as part of their entire outfit and showing it off to the public. This is how lingeries play a significant role in expressing your personality.

You can incorporate these undergarments in any attire you are going for. For you to have an idea of the different ways to wear lingerie, below are some tips that you can follow and wear your lingerie with personality.

Ways to Wear Lingerie

Without further adieu, let me present you with the different ways of wearing your lingerie. This way you will not feel guilty about buying these expensive undergarments because you thought you will just hide them under your clothes.

Lingerie and Sheer

girl wearing lingerie and sheer

Bra and sheer fabric are considered best friends. Wearing a black bra with a sheer top can be a great outfit to wear. Or why not show off your entire lingerie with a sheer dress? You can find a lot of women doing this style today, so there is no reason why you should not do it as well.

The overall appearance looks good which is why it is on the top of our list. Putting a sheer to cover up your lingerie will make you feel comfortable than wearing a bra alone. However, if you have the confidence, you can as well consider this next style.

Bra With Plaid Suit

If you are looking for a look that is formal but with a little bit of spiciness, you might want to try wearing a black bra top with a plaided suit. You can wear this look for work and you will see how empowered you will feel.

It can be intimidating to some but you can close the suit's button for a more discreet approach. But honestly, it would look best on you if you leave the button open.

Bra Top and Sweatpants

girl wearing bra top and sweatpants

This look has been the go-to look for most women of this generation. It is comfortable yet sexy. This is the best style you should go for when running your daily errands or when chilling with your girlfriends. It is light and airy without worrying that you might look underdress for the occasion.

Bodysuit and Jeans

Another everyday look you can do with your lingerie is to wear them with jeans. This style is best for bodysuits and pair it with high-waisted cropped jeans. Make them look even more appealing by adding some accessories that you think will complement the look.

Types of Lingerie

There is more than one type of lingerie that you can own. Each type has its purposes which is why you must pick the type of lingerie according to your needs. Below are the different types of lingerie that you can find in a lingerie shop during your shopping.

Lingerie Sets

set of lingerie

When you say lingerie, this is the type that will be on your mind. Lingerie sets are consist of bra and underwear. This is best for everyday use and for sure, most women already owned a pair or more.

This is the most common type of lingerie that you might already have in your closet. This is also the best choice for women who are just starting in building their lingerie collection. Having a set of lingerie is important for every woman. You do not have to wear matching lingerie all the time but having them will give you options.

Lingerie Costumes

Lingerie costumes are mostly used during role-playing in sex. In addition to using a sex toy, wearing a lingerie costume will provide more spice and excitement to your sex life. If you want to be creative with your undergarments, then you must consider buying lingerie costumes to add to your collection.

Owning this set of undergarments does not necessarily mean that you will need to wear them together. You can try to use each piece separately if you prefer.

Bodysuit and Teddies

Girl in Bodysuit

Another type of lingerie that you might find interesting is the bodysuit and teddies. Both are one-piece lingerie. Teddies are bodysuits that are looser and sheerer. It is typically made with lace and sheer fabric. Bodysuits on the other hand are more stretchy and fit to the body perfectly to hug your curves and emphasize them.

Babydolls and Chemises

Babydolls and chemises are the types of lingerie that most women use as sleepwear because they look the same as a nightgown but only shorter. The difference between baby dolls and chemises can be noticed in their fitting. Babydolls are looser and usually have cups to support the breast. Chemises on the other hand are more fit that snugly hugs your curves.

Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers are popular amongst women for centuries. This is the type of lingerie you will need to buy if you want to shape your body under a dress or use it as outerwear. Wearing this lingerie will help you improve your silhouette and make it appear more feminine and sexy.

In Conclusion

Girl lingerie in cat costume

Lingerie will not only make you look good but it can also make you feel good about yourself. Opting to wear lingerie will depend on how it can make a woman feel. If it is what you think will improve how you look at yourself, then you must not have a second thought in buying a pair or more.

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