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The Best Sex Toys For Beginners

Is your sex life becoming boring? Are you stuck in doing the same old things with your partner? If you are currently not happy with your sex life then maybe it is time to explore new things alone or with a partner. What you will need to do is to become creative and of course, buy some handy sex toys that will help you along the way.

However, if you haven't tried sex toys before or even attempted to purchase one, you may find it intimidating especially if you start scrolling through the infinite selection of sex toys. But worry no more, just read through this entire article and you learn about everything you need to know when purchasing your first ever sex toy.

Guide In Purchasing The Best Sex Toy

Follow this guide below to help you when purchasing your first-ever sex toy and to ensure that you will pick the right one that will suit all your needs.

Familiarize The Different Types of Vibrators

female customer in a sex store

Just so you know, there are five different types of vibrators sold in the market. You must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all sex toy which means that you must know what you want to be able to buy the sex toy that will provide the best satisfaction for you.

Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators are best for penetration which is why if you are looking for a sex toy that can stimulate you through penetration then this type of vibrator might be the best for you. A G-spot vibrator is one example of internal vibrators that provide orgasm by targeting your g-spot.

External Vibrators

The next type of vibrator you can find on the market are the external vibrators that are made to stimulate your clit and labia. This is the best vibrator you can buy if you are looking for clitoral stimulation.

Combo Vibrators

If you want to have the best of both worlds then you might want to take a look for combo vibrators such as rabbit-style vibrators. If you purchase a rabbit vibrator, you can enjoy both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation in one toy.

Anal Vibrator

Blue Anal Vibrator

If you want to try anal play then anal vibrators can give you a great experience. Anal vibrators come in different sizes, shapes, and functionality. Choose the best anal vibrator according to your preference whichever makes you comfortable. This is the best sex toy if you are planning to explore anal sex alone or with a partner.

Penis Vibrators

Who says vibrators are just for women? Men can also enjoy the pleasure vibrator brings. You can rock both your and your man's world during sex by using vibrating cock rings. Cock rings come in both vibrating and non-vibrating varieties but both will give you the best experience.

Know What You Are Looking For

Types of Dildo

Knowing the types of vibrators will not solve your confusion about sex toys. The only thing that can help you in choosing the best sex toy that will suit you is to know what you are looking for.

Vibrators for example have different functionalities such as buzzy or rumbly vibe which provide a completely different sensation. It is recommended that you must opt for the rumbly ones as this is what most women prefer when shopping for a vibrator.

The reason behind this is the rumbly vibrators produce low-pitched vibration that stimulates both the inner and outer clitoris by hitting more nerve endings. The buzzy vibrators on the other hand produce more high-pitched vibration that can only stimulate the surface of your clit.

Aside from the type of vibrator, you must also consider choosing the best functionality that fits what you are looking for.

The Material Of The Sex Toy

Masturbator with battery

Sex toys are made from different materials. You can find jelly or rubber sex toys and you can also find glass, metal, plastic, or silicone sex toys. As a first time user, it is advised to opt for non-porous sex toys specifically silicone-based as it is super soft and can easily be cleaned.

Porous sex toys or ones made from jelly or rubber can harbor bacteria and are more difficult to clean. It also contains harmful chemicals that are considered toxic. You must also take into account whether you will purchase a motorized or non-motorized sex toy. Motorized sex toys are rechargeable and should be waterproof to ensure that the toy will last long.

Purchase Online

As a first-time buyer of this very sensitive product, it is best to purchase your first toy online. The advantage of purchasing your sex toy online is privacy. You must know that even people who are using sex toys for a long time are still uncomfortable in purchasing toys in physical stores with lots of prying eyes everywhere.

How You Plan To Use It

If you love masturbating in the shower and planning to bring the toy with you, it would be best if you opt for a waterproof sex toy or a non-motorized option. For beginners, it is best to go for smaller sex toys, that can be easily held.

Once you are already confident in using sex toys, you can start to work on more complex sex toys. It is best to slowly work your way up so that you can practice and get used to these kinds of products. It might overwhelm you if you will not start slowly.

The Price

When shopping for a sex toy, it is best to opt for a not-so-expensive yet not-so-cheap sex toy. Price is mostly based on the quality of the sex toys especially the material that is used. Although the relation between sex toy materials and cancer is still inconclusive, it is still best to choose body-friendly materials.

Always prioritize your safety above anything else. You can still get the best pleasure that a sex toy can provide while ensuring your safety. Toys that come at a lower price can only be good if you are just exploring and figuring out what stimulation best fits you but it is advised to upgrade once you already established what you want.

Buying a quality toy also means that you can use it for a longer period as it can not easily get damaged compared to cheaper options. The higher the quality of the sex toy means the longer it can serve you even if it also means that you will need to pay a higher price.

Opt For A Multi-Function Toy

If you are worried about paying higher and not get what you want then it is better to buy sex toys that do several things. This is where combo vibrators come to the rescue. In just a single price comes two functions which means that you do not have to buy other sex toys for a different purpose. With combo vibrators, it is like hitting two birds in one stone.

Top Sex Toys Suggestion For Beginner

To help you narrow down your options further, here are some sex toy suggestions you might want to check out. You can choose one from these suggestions or combine two or more depending on your preference.

Rabbit Vibrator

For a combo pleasure, a rabbit vibrator should be your go-to sex toy. Vedo Wink Vibe vibrator is best for beginners who are looking to stimulate both their g-spot and clitoris. It is also affordable yet provides the best quality which is best for first-time buyers like yourself who are still exploring what toy works best for you.

G-Spot Stimulator

G spot Stimulator

If you are more into penetration and g-spot stimulation the Colored G-Spot Vibe Stimulator can be the toy for you. It comes in different colors that you can choose from plus it is very affordable. It has a velvety texture that will definitely feel good.

Clit Stimulator

If you are crazy about clitoral stimulation then the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration Clitoral Stimulation Suction can bring you levitating orgasm. The product lives up to its name as it will really satisfy you with great clitoral pleasure.

Oral Sex Simulator

If you are a big fan of oral sex, you might not know that there is a sex toy that is made solely for women like you. Sqweel 2 oral sex simulator provides satisfaction by mimicking oral sex with its tiny tongue-like feature. It has nine different functions you can try that will surely provide an intense solo play experience.

Couples Sex Toy

Couple holding sex toys

If you are looking for a sex toy that you and your partner will benefit from then opt for vibrating cock rings. You might want to check out the Vedo Overdrive Plus. It has a velvety texture with a powerful motor that provides 10 different vibration modes. You and your partner can explore the toy together trying every mode and pick which one is the best for you.

Another amazing couple of sex toys that you can find in the market is the Double Delight Strap-on by Fetish Fantasy Series. It can be the best toy that will help you and your partner reach orgasm together. It does not cost that much yet it can provide a great experience for you and your partner.

Factors You Must Consider

After you have chosen the best sex toy for you, there are more things that you still need to know. Learning about sex toys does not end with purchasing the right toy but it should go beyond that. The additional things that you must also learn are:

Proper Usage

Of course, when you buy a sex toy, you must learn how to use it properly. If you have no idea how to use the sex toys that you just purchased, you must check out a guide on how to properly masturbate using your sex toy.

If you are using it as a partner, there are also some tips that you can check out to ensure that you are getting the best out of your sex toy. Another thing that you need to pay attention to after you purchased your first ever sex toy is how to clean it properly.

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning can have different methods depending on what type of sex toys you bought. Is it porous or non-porous? is it motorized or not? These are the key factors to look into before you can know which cleaning procedure will be best for your toy.

The way you clean your non-motorized toys might not work on your motorized ones. The same goes for porous and non-porous toys as porous toys will need to be cleaned and sanitized more thoroughly compared to the latter.

Using Lubricants

Sex Lubricants

You must, always use lube when using your sex toy. Lubricants can enhance the pleasure that your sex toy provides. However, some people experienced allergic reactions from lubes which is why you should choose the correct type of lube.

To be sure, you must try using water-based lubricant at is the most gentle option for people who have sensitive skin. Additionally, organic lubes are also available in the market to ensure that you will not be exposed to any chemicals.

In Conclusion

In this time and age, the availability of sex toys is infinite. You will not only get confused with the brands, but also with the type, function, style, and price. However, if you can pinpoint your purpose in purchasing a sex toy then there is no reason for your to feel overwhelmed. Stick to what you think is good for you. You can always purchase a new toy if the one you purchase does not meet your needs, yet choosing the correct item for the first time should be your goal.

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