CalExotics Anal Douche

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Cleanliness is nice for all sexual activities, but the anus is the final gate of our digestive tract, so it is particularly important to practice good hygiene when partaking of anal pleasures. Anal douche squirts water into the rectum to flush out the traces of your lost vowel movement. Filling and emptying the rectum a couple of times with comfortably warm water clears the path for mess-free fun.


  • Easy-to-use anal douche for clean and confident anal play
  • Perfect for fans of anal sex and anal toy play
  • Easy to operate, squeeze bulb body
  • Slim nozzle for easy insertion
  • Features a handy glow in the dark tip for easy use in low light
  • Holds up to 225ml of liquid


  • To use this incredible product, firmly squeeze the bulbous pump with the tip underwater, as you release, the douche will slowly fill up.
  • Apply any amount of lube to the douche or one of the fun attachments, insert, and let the water flow in.
  • One application is often enough, but that is totally up to you!
  • Afterward, gently remove the douche, sit on the toilet, and complete the process.