Blonde Starlet Doll

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Indulge your secret fantasies with the lifelike Blonde Starlet. This exotic inflatable blonde goddess is designed to show you why blondes have more fun! The perfect seductive lover has beautiful face and three love holes for a tantalizingly-realistic experience. The fully-portable lover is easy to inflate and is always ready for red-hot love action whenever you are in the mood.


  • This blonde bombshell is made from soft and supple unscented phthalate-free PVC and boasts three tempting love passages.
  • Enjoy full penetration stimulation and an explosive climax with the inflatable alluring model that is always ready for adult fun.
  • The Blonde Starlet will satisfy your needs and makes a great playmate for both first-time and experienced users who want to experiment with self-gratification ecstasy. 


  • Take full control of your intimate encounters with this sex doll.
  • Hook up for instant hard and fast love action and be prepared to give in to every sensuous temptation.
  • Explore her super-tight vaginal and anal love passages using quality lubricant, for a memorable mind-blowing experience.
  • Your pumped-up partner will take your solo intimate play experiences to another level.
  • Before and after each use, remember to clean your life like sex doll with a toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water.