Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

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The original Fleshlight collection features three unique toys for you to enjoy. Each of these handheld pocket pussy sleeves has a patented SuperSkin interior that is designed to give you a realistic and utterly erotic experience. The Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight simulates the smoothness of a lady's most sensitive and private orifice, and it is ideal for those men who are more sensitive or who may be interested in living out those first pleasurable memories once again. The Classic FleshLight and the other two sex toy models in this collection fit snugly into a black case for easy handling and satisfying movements. The black case measures almost 10 inches in length, and the interior lady orifice insert measures almost 9 inches to accommodate even the largest members.

How to Clean

Do not use soap to clean a Fleshlight. Detergents can cause issues with the sensitive material that is used so it is best to stick with warm water. If you are cleaning it prior to use, no reason to let it dry. However, if you are cleaning it after use, it is ideal to let it find a place it can air dry well. Always make sure to keep the sleeve clean and dry, that way no bad bacteria builds up.

For the plastic casing, just simply run some warm water through it while wiping it down with a soft cloth or rag. It is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any step by step instructions. Just make sure you unscrew both caps when you clean the casing. Let it air dry with the insert out of it.

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