Intimate Basics Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump

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A vibrating clit pump that sucks and vibrates, right where you want it most! Dr. Berman's Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump puts all the action on your clitoris or nipples for orgasmic sensations to drive you wild.This clitoral vibrator the next best thing to actual oral sex! Excite your clitoris with the Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump that works two ways to make you more orgasmic. Just place the soft, flexible cup over your clitoral area and squeeze the easy-to-use hand pump. You'll feel a fabulous sucking sensation as the hand pump draws more blood to your clitoris, swelling and engorging it for super-sensitivity.


  • Incredible suction and powerful vibrations to bring you to a mind-blowing climax.
  • Easy-to-use pump comes with two interchangeable silicone sleeves for added erogenous sensations.
  • Sensually soft pleasure nubs tickle and tease your sweet spot to amplify your orgasm even further.
  • Ergonomically designed to contour the unique shape of a woman for optimal arousal and satisfaction.
  • Powerful vibrations send you over the edge.
  • Easy push soft button control for quick adjustment.
  • Flexible suction bulb and a quick release valve make it easy to seal your suction.
  • Suction cup measures 2" long by 1.5" wide.
  • Vibrating female sex toy uses 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).


You'll love the combination of sucking and vibrations that keep going as long as you like. Or use the Selene without the vibrations for more subtle thrills. Use the Selene alone, or slip on one of the 2 interchangeable circular soft silicone sleeves for more intense suction, while the stimulating nodules tickle and tease your most sensitive spots. (Note: use only water-based lubricants on the silicone sleeves.)

The Selene is great for solo fun, and great for couples play as fantastic foreplay! Use it on yourself, or let your partner take control for warm-up fun and games. And there's even a designer pouch included, for traveling on those romantic getaways.


  • Clean your toy before and after use.
  • A washcloth dipped in soapy water can be used for a gentle wipe down.
  • Make sure that the cap is tightly closed before cleaning the toy.
  • Make your toy is dry before storing.