Japanese Drip Candle

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Create ambiance and excitement with this triple-whammy of bondage candles by Doc Johnson. Designed to burn hotter than massage candles, drip this hot wax over your lover to build suspense and awaken nerve endings with pleasurable pain.


  • 3 bondage candles for exciting sensory play
  • Look just like normal candles for discretion
  • Each odorless candle measures 6 inches in length and 2.5-inch circumference
  • It Burns hotter than a massage candle but cooler than a household candle for safe exploration
  • Great for romantic mood lighting


  • To enjoy the sensual feel of hot wax on the skin, grab the end of the candle firmly and light the top.
  • Hold approximately 18 inches away from your partner's body and let it drip slowly. By the time it hits the skin it will have cooled down to a comfortable level but still have some teasing heat to it!


These candles burn at a higher temperature than massage candles and are designed to provide intense heat for pleasure/pain experimentation. These candles will leave a non-permanent mark on the skin, which fades within 12-24 hours. To avoid causing damage to the skin, we recommend you let the wax cool slightly and test the temperature with the tip of your finger before applying it to anywhere else on your body. If used incorrectly, the candles can cause painful burns to the skin.


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