Ono Cleo Clit Stimulator

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After a hard day, a soak in the tub or long steamy shower is one of the best and easiest ways to relax, and whether you prefer a deep soothing muscle massage or an intense self-love session to help drain away tension, Cleo is the vibe for you. Ingeniously designed with sensual curves the fully waterproof Cleo perfectly cups the contours of the body, fully surrounding your stressed shoulder and back muscles, and offering full coverage of your intimate areas too.

Atop a wide base, the silky silicone vibrator is positioned- the shape is similar to some well-known clitoral vibes, boasting a curvy, angled oval that's upturned subtly at the tip. Once you've positioned Cleo where she'll do the most good- and positioning is easy as pie thanks to an ultra-sturdy removable suction cup that attaches to the smooth underside of the base and then to a flat surface like the wall of your tub- you can start up an impressive 8 modes of vibration that combine steady vibes with pulsation and escalation.

Make no mistake, this is no novelty, for-looks-only type toy, Cleo has the power to spare, and you'll adore how easy it is to switch up the whisper-quiet intensity and modes for a unique sensation each time. A simple interface is built into the ONO logo, a plus symbol starts up the vibrations. To cycle through the modes, just turn up the intensity to the max, then hold the + for a second to find yourself at the first pulsating variation- press again to keep going.

Aside from gorgeous looks, very impressive functionality, and a discreetly muffled motor, Cleo is made from a high-end silicone material which, as any connoisseur knows, is as good as it gets. Silicone is completely body-safe, hypoallergenic, and nonporous, making it incomparably hygienic and skin-friendly, plus, silicone has an unbeatably silky touch that warms naturally with use and gets deliciously slick with the addition of lube.

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