Optimum Series Maximum Results Pump Set

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Pump yourself up to the max with incredible suction and try the Max Results Pump.


  • Includes 2 powerful suction pumps, a detachable hose, and a single-handed Master Grip pump handle to deliver maximum results with every pump session.
  • With every squeeze of the Master Grip single-handed pump, you can look forward to a powerful girth and length increase.
  • To give you all the space you need to grow, each kit includes large and X-large pump cylinders with quick air release levers.
  • The soft, flexible air hose makes it each to switch pump cylinders, but is designed to maintain air pressure even when the hose is removed.


  • To reduce or remove the pressure, simply press the air release level on the tip.
  • When used correctly, this sensational pump can increase girth, sexual stamina, and erotic pleasure.
  • Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced pumper, our erotic enhancement set has you covered.