Shunga Erotic Art Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder

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Shunga Erotic Art "Sweet Snow" Sensual Body Powder Surprise every kiss with a taste of nature's sweetest gift - honey! 


  • Easy to use.
  • Dust it on yourself and your lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance, and an irresistible taste.
  • Make a sweet dessert out of your partner.
  • Sprinkle this exciting flavor all over your partner's body.
  • Softly, use the feather to tease the skin and make your partner shudder all over.
  • Then, treat yourself to dessert!
  • A sensual treat.
  • The ultimate in sensational foreplay, Sweet Snow body powder allows the receiver to feel the arousing tickle of a pheasant feather duster, while the user gets to enjoy the deliciously decadent sweetness of this edible treat.

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