Tenga Egg Clicker

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Different Strokes from Different Yolks! The TENGA EGG Clicker Series may look small, but their super-stretchable material can fit men of all sizes! The external designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a total of 13 EGGs to choose from you’re sure to find a perfect match!


Nubs of sizes large and small cover the interior wall for an all-out, omnidirectional stimulation of your shaft. Instead of just stroking, let your imagination come alive and try twisting, squeezing, and pulling to your heart's content for sensations beyond your wildest dreams!

The masturbation device itself is a soft, wiggly sleeve without a case. The inside of the sleeve is covered with a bumpy texture. Tenga Egg has over a dozen models with different textures.


  • Remove film
  • Open the egg
  • Remove the lubricant pouch
  • Apply Lubricant
  • Insert
  • Enjoy!!!
  • Though small, the super stretchable elastomer can drastically expand for a snug fit regardless of your size.


  • Can be used multiple times if you’re not too rough with them.
  • The Tenga Eggs are advertised as single-use sex toys, but with good care, they can last for several uses.
  • Just wash it with mild soap and water.
  • Make sure that it is completely dry before storing the item.