Dr. Sadie Allison Toygasm Book

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Toy Gasm Guide To Sex Toys Book The Insiders Guide To Sex Toys And Techniques by Dr. Sadie Allison. Independent Publisher Award Winning Best Sexuality! So many toys. So little help. Why not let Dr. Sadie guide you through today's vast sex toy jungle to discover the shapes, sizes, and heightened sensations you truly crave, even if you are just starting! Best of all, Dr. Sadie provides complete instructions that never seem to come in the box inspiring ideas that will add instant enjoyment to your lovemaking and all your solo sex adventures as well! Bigger orgasms from every toy! If you are looking for a new sex toy - or seeking hotter adventures here is how to heighten your sex toy play for the best orgasms of your life!

This easy-to-read guide is filled with tempting tips, sexy illustrations, and pulse-quickening pointers to maximize your pleasure and send your partner over the edge! Written by a woman who tried out and sized up every type of toy, sexy Sadie Allison now shares her intimate insider's secrets with you. Over 150 tell-all pages. 40 toy orgasmic techniques. Perfect for every newcomer and all toy lovers. Tastefully illustrated, temptingly readable, and unabashedly fun, Toygasms! will show you: over 50 sizzling techniques to master oral lovemaking. No-blush secrets to introduce a shy lover to hot toy play. Stimulating techniques to get the most pleasure out of every sex toy. Over 40 proven techniques for mind-blowing orgasms. How to hide your personal sex toys from prying eyes. Plus extra pleasure tips from Dr. Sadie you will not find on the box! Come rock your world. Discover the many fun, safe ways to enjoy an endless stream of scrape-me-off-the-ceiling orgasms at home, on vacation even at the office!