Vedo Quake Anal Chain Indigo

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Quake Anal Chain Into You Indigo non-vibrating anal chain will make you quake with pleasure. The gently curved tip, graduated beads and silky smooth silicone make it ideal for easing your way into anal play. For those of you who want to kick it up a notch and experience a more intense climax, slowly remove mid-orgasm.


Flexible anal chain that bends with your body's contours

  • Velvety, smooth silicone
  • Graduated beads
  • Handle for easy retrieval


  • Clean your toy before and after use.
  • Store the toy away from other silicone toys.


To clean your Vedo, use a toy cleaning product or a mild, non-perfumed soap and water. A washcloth dipped in soapy water can be used for a gentle wipe down. Make sure all the soap had been removed and your toy is dry before storing separately from other toys (preferable in a fabric pouch…included).

Do not wipe or clean it with alcohol.


Use water based lubricant only.

Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone-based sex toys, as they can break down the rubber over time.

vedo quake (1) from iscelt sheen on Vimeo.