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Top Picks for the Best Lubricants to Use for Silicone Sex Toys

Personal lubricants help you experience a more pleasurable sexual act. Be it sex, masturbation, or playing with a sex toy. This product is very effective in providing more lubrication during sexual acts especially if a woman experiences dryness down there.

However, choosing a lubricant can be overwhelming as there are a wide array of options in the market. First, you will have to go through each type of lubricant. All in all, personal lubricants are categorized into four types which are:

Silicone-based Lubes

The first type of personal lubricant you can come across during your shopping is silicone-based lubricants. This is the type of lube that is best for anal play as it can last long and requires reapplication less often.

However, the downside of this lubricant is that you cannot use this on a silicone sex toy as it can degrade the sex toy silicone material. Silicone lube and silicone sex toys do not come along that well so it is best to avoid using this type of lube if you are using a silicone sex toy.

Silicone-based lube can be best used on sex toys with materials such as glass, stainless steel, and plastic. This is also a hypoallergenic product that individuals with sensitive skin can use without any worries.

This type of lube is best if you want to have sex or play with your sex toy in the shower or bath. Silicone does not come off easily even if you wash it off with water so no matter where you do it, the silicone lube will stay longer.

Water-based Lubricant

The next option for you is the water-based personal lubricant. This is the best lubricant that is advisable to use on a silicone sex toy. It is safe and can be cleaned off easily. The water-based lubes are the most versatile option in the market which can be the best go-to by many as they can be used with various materials such as latex and silicone.

You will never have to worry about disrupting the pH balance of your vagina as this lube's main ingredient is water. It is best for sex, masturbation, foreplay and all the other sexual acts you can think of. However, this type of lube is not recommended for anal sex as the product is not that thick.

Water-based lubricants can also be easily be absorbed by your skin which is why it needs constant reapplication throughout your sexual act. This is the recommended type of lube for beginners especially if you still haven't figured out what is best for you yet.

Oil-based Lubes

Oil-based Lubricant

The oil-based lube is your best option if you are looking for a lube that is safe with silicone sex toys but has the long-lasting power and slipperiness of the silicone-based lubes. What you must watch out for with oil-based lube is that it cannot be used with latex sex toys and latex condoms as well.

The oil will damage the latex material which is why it is not advisable to use this type of lube with a condom. Moreover, using oil-based lubes will increase your chance of having an infection.

Plus on the downside, oil-based lubes can be so difficult to clean. It acts like a normal oil and you know how stubborn oils are when it comes to cleaning. You will need to clean yourself and your toys longer than you usually do with other types of lubricants.

Hybrid Lubes

This next type of personal lubricant is kind of a new player in this lube game. Hybrid lubes are created to provide the best things of both water-based and silicone-based personal lubricants. This lube will stay on longer than water-based lubricants while it can be easily cleaned off compared to silicone-based lube.

Even though using a silicone-based lube can damage silicone sex toys, hybrid lubricants can be used with silicone sex toys as long you wash the toy immediately after use. Make sure to get rid of the product on the toy properly to ensure that it will not be exposed to the silicone ingredient for a long period.

A hybrid personal lubricant uses a blend of water and silicone as a base. This combination is the one that gives unique characteristics that many individuals are starting to love.

Personal Lubricants You Must Use for Your Silicone Sex Toys

Now that you are already familiar with the different types of personal lubricants out there, it is now time to go through our top picks for the best personal lubricant that is safe for you and your silicone sex toys.

Fuck Water Clear Lube

Fuck Water Clear Lube

The first on our list is the Fuck Water Clear Lube. It is a very simple and very effective product to partner with your favorite silicone sex toy. Despite its simplicity, Fuck Water Clear Lube is made with premium ingredients to ensure you will get the best value for your money.

Even though it is a water-based lubricant, Fuck Water Clear stays longer on you. This product is paraben-free, glycerin-free, and is made with the safest preservatives there is. If you want to have a lubricant by your side every time, then Fuck Water Clear Lube should be your best bet.

Main Squeeze Water-based Lubricant

Main Squeeze Water Based Lubricant

The Main Squeeze Water-based Lubricant is always ready for action so make sure to keep a bottle on your side. The bottle of this lubricant is designed to easily squeeze the product into the sex toys or your body.

Because water-based lubricants are great for latex and silicone products, the Main Squeeze Water-based Lubricant can be used safely with any type of sex toys and condoms.

If you are looking for a go-to lubricant you can just carry in your purse, grab a Main Squeeze Lubricant bottle on your next lubricant shopping.

Cloud 9 Water-based Personal Lubricant

Cloud 9 Water-based personal lubricant

Let this water-based lubricant help you reach cloud nine on your next intimate sexual session. Cloud 9 Water-based Lubricant is a premium product that is perfect for individuals who are looking for a more viscous lube.

Despite being a water-based lube, the cloud 9 water-based lube has a long-lasting power that is also silky on your skin. The product also uses a gentle formula to ensure that it is not only effective but also safe for individuals who have sensitive skin.

Pjur Basic Water

Pjur Basic Water

This next product on our list is great for beginners who do not have any experience in using lubricant with their sex toys. This is our best seller as it is made with a premium ingredient yet the price is not that expensive.

The Pjur Basic Water is also our best recommendation when using erotic toys and any other pleasure toys you own or planned to own. This water-based lubricant is a very good value for your money as you can ensure it is safe and effective in providing lubrication and increase sexual pleasure.

Sex, masturbation, and foreplay will never be the same again if you will get used to utilizing Pjur Basic Water in your every sexual act. Once you get to try this lubricant, you will surely fall in love once again and enjoy sex like you never had before.

Pjur Woman Aqua

Pjur Woman Aqua

Another premium lubricant from Pjur had made to our list that you will definitely adore once you tried it. The Pjur Woman Aqua is a great product to lubricate your sexual act while helps in moisturizing your skin.

The lubricant itself has a flawless lubricating property that is great for individuals who have dry and damaged skin not only in the intimate area but also anywhere on your body. Despite its name, the Pjur Woman Aqua can still be used by men if you are looking for a moisturizing lube to use.

Pjur Woman Aqua does not only aims to help women achieve more pleasure during sexual acts but also helps them care for their genital skin. This product is made in Germany and has a silky, smooth, and gentle consistency that you and your partner will love.

ID Moments Lube

ID Moments Lubricant

This Hypoallergenic Lubricant is a great option for individuals who are seeking more pleasure with the help of lubricant but have extra sensitive skin. ID Moments have provided these individuals a solution to their sensitive skin problem.

Do not let your sensitive skin stop you from achieving great heights of pleasure with the ID Moments Lube. If you are one of those people who are suffering from sensitive skin, look no further and add this product to your cart, and have more pleasurable sex without any worries.

After your sexual act, you will feel the skin on your intimate area or even your hands will feel smooth and silky. You will surely love using this lube every single day not only because of how good it helped you achieve orgasm but also for the after-effect it provides to your skin.

This product is like a two-in-one. It can act as a lubricant during sexual acts and a skin moisturizer at the same time that is gentle for the use on your genital area.

Slippery Stuff Extra Gentle Lubricant

Another great product that is best for people who suffer from extreme sensitivity is the Slippery stuff Extra Gentle Lubricant. This product was created with these specific individuals in mind which is why only gentle ingredients are used in crafting this lube.

The product is odorless, safe, water-soluble, colorless, and even non-staining. In short, this lubricant is easily cleaned and will not leave any traces after usage. If you have already tried other water-based lubricants and are experiencing allergies, it is best to try the Slippery Stuff Extra Gentle Lubricant.

If you are looking for a product that is glycerin-free, the Slippery Stuff Extra Gentle Lubricant is the one for you. You will never have to worry about having bacterial infections due to lubricants if you use this product. It is made to provide pleasure minus the infections.

If you are the kind of person who gets bacterial infection easily, then it is best to switch up your lube and choose Slippery Stuff Extra Gentle Lubricant instead.

ID Frutopia Watermelon Lube

ID Frutopia Watermelon

A delicious lubricant that you can add to your collection is the ID Frutopia Watermelon Lube. You will surely love the watermelon flavor of this lubricant adding fun and playful vibe to your intimate sessions.

It is latex-friendly and is naturally flavored and sweetened so you will never have to worry about it. There are as well other flavors for this lubricant but the watermelon flavor is the one that has a gentle and refreshing smell.

Everyone loves watermelon due to its soothing and light smell. Plus, the watermelon flavor of the lubricant will surely improve your sexual experience.

Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant

Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant

This next lubricant in our list is the Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant that is formulated only for women who are looking for increased intimacy. It has a pH level that mimics the natural chemistry of the woman's vagina.

The product is organic which is best for individuals who do not want to use chemicals in their bodies. The Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant is made with pure organic aloe and is 100% free of harsh chemicals.

Aloe is known as a natural lubricant that is water-based which is why it is friendly to all sex products regardless of the materials used. This is also a good option for individuals who have easily acquired irritations on their skin.

Because of its natural formula, you will never have to worry that you will acquire an infection or getting an allergy from the lubricant you are using.

We Care For You and Your Toys

Here at Pleasure Place, we are not only providing you with the best sex toys you can use to achieve pleasure. We are also looking out for you and your sex toys making sure you are well-taken care of as well as your sex toys. 


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