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Common Misconceptions About Sex Toys

In this modern age, sex toys might have become popular especially to the young generation, yet it is still not openly accepted by the majority of society. The reason behind why the majority of people shun away from the idea of sex toys might have something to do about their cultural, religious, and personal beliefs.

The best examples of these beliefs are the common misconceptions around the idea of sex toys that are still circulating up to this date. Misconceptions are normal and common especially to the things that are new or unfamiliar.

To better understand the misbeliefs that most people relate to sex toys, we will go through each of them and explain how it is proven untrue.

Sex Toys Are Only For Single

Woman laying in down on bed near window

The very common myth about sex toys is that they are manufactured and sold to pleasure individuals who do not have a partner. However, in reality, sex toys can also be used by couples to enhance their intimate experience in bed.

In fact, there are available sex toys that are designed to pleasure both partners at the same time during penetrative sex. Today, sex toys are not only for masturbation but also for improving pleasure during a couple's sexual intercourse.

A study reveals that 43.8% of men have used sex toys with their partners at some point in their lives. Even therapists and educators recommend the use of sex toys in a partnered relationship to improve their relationship in general.

Vibrators nowadays can even be controlled via a smartphone app or a controller. You can let your partner control the vibrator and play with it while you are enjoying the thrill and excitement of the idea.

Sex Toys Are Only For Sex Addict Individuals

Couple having sex

You got to admit it, most people when you open up the topic about sex toys will say that only women or men that are addicted to sex use these kinds of toys. This is the biggest and most judgemental misbelief that everyone thinks about sex toys.

Despite the misinterpretation of people against adult toys, their popularity is still increasing each year. However, people who are happily using sex toys keep it a secret due to the fear that they might get judged.

Not because a person is fond of pleasure toys means that they have a psychological problem and do not get satisfied easily with a partner. Pleasure toys are used to improve the sexual experience and not to satisfy an addiction.

Sex Toys Are Only For Pleasure

Woman in white button up shirt holding a sex toy

Little does everyone knows, a sex toy can not only be used for pleasure. It can also help strengthen your pelvic floor. Although you can achieve this by doing pelvic floor exercise or what everyone refers to as kegel exercise, kegel balls or prostate massager can also be an effective tool you can use.

Not only it can pleasure you while you're wearing it, but you can also make sure that your pelvic floor is toning well. A toned pelvic floor is important to treat or prevent incontinence, makes orgasms intense, and helps ease tensions that will cause you pain.

Pelvic floor exercise is mostly advised to women after giving birth. However, it still best to do kegel exercise whether you have given birth or not to ensure that your pelvic floor is well-conditioned all the time.

Additionally, the use of sex toys can aid with sexual dysfunction such as anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is the term referred to as the medical condition where women experienced difficulty in reaching an orgasm despite sufficient sexual stimulation.

The same with men, sex toys can as well help them climax even if they can't get an erection. Erectile dysfunction in men is very common especially when they age. For men who are experiencing this type of dysfunction adult toys can be an essential tool that they can use for sex.

A Woman's Sex Toy Should Resemble A Penis

Bananas and Sex Toys

When you say sex toy, the image that probably comes to mind is an adult toy that looks like a real penis. However, this is not always the case. There are sex toys that do look like a man's penis but most are design not for penetration but stimulation.

The woman's vagina is more sensitive on the outside than on the inside. The clitoris and the entrance of the woman's vagina are where the most nerve endings located. This is the area where women feel more pleasure.

Clitoral or g-spot stimulator sex toys are designed not according to a man's genitals but according to the female anatomy. Penetration is not the only way to pleasure women, knowing how to stimulate them and hit the right spot is more important.

A Sex Toy Can Replace A Partner

A sex toy will never replace a human being. Using a sex toy has limitations but enjoying sex with a human being can be limitless. Sex toys only provide pleasure but a human being can give emotional pleasure as well as physical.

Sex toys are just tools to spice up a human to human intercourse to provide them with more satisfaction in the pleasure that they experience. This myth is the reason why most men and women shove away the idea of incorporating sex toys in their sex life even if it is suggested by their partners.

They feel threatened that these sex toys will replace them and their partner will find it more pleasurable. That thought right there is completely untrue which leads us to the next misconception that we are going to talk about.

Adult Toys Are Only For Those Who Can't Satisfy By Their Partners

couple sitting on a chair

Not because that your partner is suggesting the use of sex toys during your intimate moment does mean that you are insufficient. It does not mean that you can not provide pleasure to your partner the way a sex toy can.

If you see your partner enjoys the use of a vibrator so much the best way for you to do is to not criticize and not feel bad about yourself. Instead, join the fun and you will see how it is pleasurable using a toy for you as well.

Experts say that the best way to enjoy a sex toy is to use it with your partner. It will not only enhance your sex but will also improve and strengthen your relationship. There are so many benefits sex toy can contribute on a relationship which is why it is not true that people who use toys in bed is not happy or satisfied with their partner.

Anal Sex Toys Are Painful

Contrary to most people's thought, anal sex toys can provide great pleasure. It might be a bit bizarre to think about it but individuals who have tried anal sex toys swear by it. They love the experience and they enjoyed the new things they have explored in their sexuality.

You will just have to do it properly to ensure you will experience only the best. However, it is not something to be forced on someone. Open up the possibilities to your partner and if they do not like the idea just let them be.

There might be a reason behind why a certain individual shoves off the idea of anal sex. Furthermore, if your partner is open to the idea, using a butt plug can be a starter.

Anal sex is known to be done only by homosexual men. Little does everyone know that women also find anal sex as pleasurable as vaginal sex. It can also be pleasurable to heterosexual men if they perform this act with their partners.

Sex Toys Are Not For Men

Ancient sex toys only focused on women. However today, sex toys manufacturer is also considering men's pleasure in masturbation. You can now find many variations of masturbators for men nowadays. Fleshlight and egg masturbator is the perfect example of men's sex toys.

Aside from using your bare hand during masturbation, you can use these sex toys as a tool to give you more enjoyable solo play. These sex toys are made to resemble a woman's genitals to provide a better experience in masturbation.

This misconception might be true a thousand years ago but not anymore. Technology has paved the way for the equality of men and women when it comes to sex. If women can pleasure themselves using a toy, and so does men.

A Women's Vagina Will Permanently Stretched When They Use Sex Toys

Person holding sliced of green fruit

One of the reasons why many women steer away from the thought of using sex toys to pleasure themselves is because one myth says that a woman's vagina will be permanently stretched out if they do.

But contrary to this belief, women's genital area is flexible and becomes relaxed during arousal. This is your body's way of preparing for sex, the same way of how a man's penis does not stretch out permanently after erection.

The women's vagina is designed to withstand childbirth which is why using a sex toy should not worry you at all. After your flavourful solo play rest assured that your vagina will still look the same way.

Sex Toys Makes You Numb

A buzzy-numb after you use a vibrator is normal. What you need to know is this numbness is not permanent and will go away after a while. It is also not true that this numbness will result in you not wanting a partner anymore.

Even if you love using vibrators, you will still get easily stimulated by human touch and many sex toy users will prove that a sex toy can cause permanent numbness.

You must never believe this myth as it can only hinder you from experiencing the greatest pleasure vibrators can give you. It is best to try one first and see for yourself whether it numb you permanently or not. Instead, you will experience the pleasure that you never thought you can feel in your entire life.

Vibrators nowadays are equipped with the latest technology where you can control the vibrations it can give out. If you are not yet confident, it is best to start low and listen to your body. Once you established that it is safe and won't make your genitals numb forever then start playing with the different levels and variations of vibrations.

No Real Man Uses Vibrators

Another myth that should be debunked. There are vibrators that are designed to be worn by men to add pleasure to him and his woman during penetrative sex. The toy will both provide stimulation to the woman's clitoris as it also provides pleasure to the man's penis.

For those who are not familiar with cock rings, then it is time to familiarize yourself with this wonderful sex toy. This is a sex toy made for heterosexual men and woman that are looking to spice up their sex life.

Using a sex toy will not make you less of a man. It does not also define your sexuality. If you think that sex toy will improve your joy in bed with or without a partner then do yourself a favor. Start shopping for that sex toy now and you will never regret that decision.

The History of Sex Toys

Ancient Dildo

Sex toys dated way back 28,000 years ago. This is based on the oldest dildo that was found in Germany. It has a length of eight inches and was believed to be used to pleasure ancient humans. However, some also believe that it was as well used to create fire through friction.

Dildos that dated way back many years ago are made of wood, marble, ivory, jade, and even gold. Let us not of course forget about the bread dildo of ancient Greece that they called olisbokollikes. Even Ben Wa balls are already used during ancient times to please not only women but men too.

Back in the ancient days, Ben Wa balls are meant to be inserted into a man's penis to increase pleasure. Ultimately, women as well created larger balls where they inserted on their vagina to provide them pleasure.

Around the 17th-century, sex dolls have been created out of seamen's erotic and creative minds. They name this sex dolls dames de voyage which were made out of tied straws formed like a human body and dressed in women's clothing.

Seamen use these dolls to beat the loneliness they felt every night while they are on board. These sex dolls accompany them on their lonely and cold nights on the ship.

Vibrators on the other hand have so many revolving speculations on how they got started. There has been a buzz that Cleopatra used a gourd and fill it with bees to pleasure herself. However, there was no evidence found to back this story up.

Some also say that vibrators are invented by Victorian doctors who became tired of helping their patients to orgasm using their fingers. The invention was known as a medical instrument back then and not a sex toy. Women then started purchasing the said medical instrument for their personal usage.

Women who suffer from hysteria back in the days were treated using a vibrator. During the 19th-century, many women were diagnosed with hysteria where they suffer from irritability, anxiety, and abdominal heaviness. This medical condition that most women suffered was blamed on their uterus but in fact, they are only going through sexual frustration.

In 1990, rabbit vibrators were introduced to the public through one of the episodes of Sex and the City where the cast was talking about the said technology. Once again, vibrators are still used as medical device up to this date which is used to treat sexual dysfunction.

The origin of sex toys goes way back a thousand years ago which means that the need to pleasure oneself has already been existed for so long. This only has one meaning that wanting to achieve sexual pleasure through sex toys is considered normal. Thus the stigma surrounding the sex toy industry should be put to rest.

Other Factors Why Many People Don't Want to Use A Sex Toy

Aside from the misconceptions surrounding the use of sex toys, another reason why people steer away from using sex toys even if they wanted to is the sleaze factor. Most people categorized this industry as lewd or obscene which gives the sex toy industry a bad reputation.

Even visiting a sex toy website is equated to visiting a porn site. And nobody wanted to be tagged as vulgar or worst a sex addict.

Our body is wired to receive pleasure which means that we are created to feel and enjoy this feeling and sex toys are only invented to provide us aid in doing so. In addition, another reason why people do not use sex toys is that many men with erectile dysfunction feel uncomfortable with the emphasis on penetration in most sex toys.

Everyone should be respected by their decisions whether it is to use a sex toy or not. If you feel the need to use a sex toy do so without any shame. On the other hand, if you opt not to, never feel guilty and your decision should be respected by your partner.

The Undeniable Truth

cutouts of letter

The truth of the matter is, despite its misconceptions, sex toys are a useful product not only sexually speaking but medically. The topic of sex has deeper issues that everyone should understand to better accept the concept.

If you wanted to experience the pleasure a sex toy can give but are doubting because of the said misconceptions, there is nothing that should stop you anymore this time. It is now time for you to understand that sex toys are solely made to help anyone who seeks pleasurable experiences as they explore their sexuality alone or with a partner.

A Final Thought

To be able to accept the whole concept of sex toys, one must have an open mind and put aside every judgment that comes up to mind regarding the issue. With all the misconceptions explained and debunked, you can now start shopping for your first sext toys that will surely turn your world upside down.

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