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Cleaning your sex toys is very important. It is the primary precaution you must take to ensure the user's safety. If cleaning is not done properly, the chance of you getting an infection is high, which is why you must learn how to clean your sex toys the proper way.

Sex toys are made from different materials, porous and non-porous and each type will have a specific way of cleaning to ensure that your toy will be safe to use all the time. You must read the following instructions for you to be able to know the best way to clean sex toys according to the material it is made from.

Proper Way To Clean Sex Toys Safely

Both porous and non-porous material should be cleaned differently. You must know what material your sex toys are made of so that you can provide proper care for each of your toys.

Porous Materials

Porous sex toys are a lot like your skin that has tiny pores and these pores can harbour harmful bacteria even after you properly cleaned it which is why the storage of porous sex toys is as important as cleaning it.

Porous materials that are commonly used by sex toys manufacturers are thermoplastic elastomer or TPE, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, and jelly rubber. To ensure that your porous sex toys are squicky clean, wash them with soap and water. You can either use sex toy cleaners or mild liquid hand soap. Make sure to let the toys air dry afterwards.

Sex toy experts recommend staying away from porous sex toys as they can hold a lot of bacteria even if you are cleaning them properly. However, if you prefer porous sex toys, it is best to use a condom when you use it to ensure that you are doing your solo play safely.

Non-Porous Materials

UV Sterilizer

Non-porous sex toys are what most experts recommend as they can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Most materials used for non-porous sex toys are silicone, glass, plastic, and stainless steel. For motorized sex toys, you can disinfect them using a body-safe sex toy cleaning tissue. You can also use a washcloth and wash your non-porous sex toys with soapy water.

For Motorized toys, make sure that you take the batteries off before you clean them and make sure that the battery compartment is securely closed to avoid water from getting in the compartment. Air-dry the toys with the battery compartment open to ensure that if water seeps through the compartment they can also dry off.

For non-motorized sex toys, you can soak them in soapy water or even put them in a dishwasher to clean. You can even do extra sanitation precaution by boiling your non-motorized sex toys for 3 minutes to ensure that it is free of any bacteria. It is also best to air dry your non-motorized sex toys after you clean them.

An additional note you must consider is to purchase a UV sterilizer that can help you kill the bacteria that still lingers on your toys even after washing them. You must still wash or wipe down the toy before using the UV sterilizer as it can only kill the bacteria but not clean the toy from body fluids and dirt.

There are so many UV sterilizer products that are available in the market. You can choose from a sterilizer case or pouch whichever you prefer. This sterilizer is the best way to sterilize motorized sex toys that you can not sterilize through boiling.

Most sex toy owners have already committed a lot of mistakes in cleaning their toys which is why we will also talk about these most common mistakes so that you can avoid them entirely.

Common Mistakes In Cleaning Sex Toys That You Must Avoid

Before you start cleaning your sex toys, it is best to know the common mistakes that other sex toy owners made in the past. The following can serve as a guide for you to ensure that you are not making the same mistakes others already made.

Not Cleaning A New Toy Before Using It

Not cleaning a new toy before using it for the first time is the most common mistake most people do. The reason behind this is maybe most people thought that a new sex toy is safe to use because it is untouched. But, this is very wrong. It is highly recommended to wash a new sex toy before you use it to ensure your safety.

Not Letting It Dry Properly

Another mistake that most people do when cleaning your toys is not drying them properly which can lead to damages. It is best to still wipe it with a clean cloth before you put it away even though it looks like it is completely dried up.

Bleaching and Cleaning Using Scented Soap

Woman holding cleaning products

Using bleach and scented soaps when cleaning sex toys is another mistake commonly made by most sex toys owner. They thought that bleaching the toys will clean them more compared to using ordinary soap. Scented soaps are also used by many thinking that they can provide the toy with a nice smell. However, both products can be harmful to you and for the toy as well.

Not Checking If The Toy Is Waterproof or Not

Even though most sex toys are waterproof, it is still best to double-check if it is waterproof before soaking it in soapy water or throwing it in the dishwasher. Non-waterproof toys can have small openings where water can seep in and damage the electrical and the battery of your toy.

Doing The Same Cleaning Process For Both Porous and Non-Porous Toys

You already know the difference between porous and non-porous sex toys and how to clean them differently which is why there is no reason that you will be making this mistake if you only follow the guidelines provided to you earlier.

Improper Storage

Aside from cleaning, you must also store your toys properly. After you clean it, you must not throw it inside your drawer or just put it anywhere as it can get exposed to bacteria which can build up over time. It is advised to store your sex toys properly following the tips below.

Proper Storage Of Sex Toy

Different types of sex toys in a metal basket

To properly store your sex toys you must have a space allocated only for your prized collections. You can empty a drawer so that you can have a special space for your toys without letting them get exposed to other items.

When you store your toys, make sure that each of them is placed in different storage bags. You can also place them on their original packaging. If you already throw the original packaging, you can buy storage boxes for your toys not only to ensure it is kept clean but also for organizing purposes.

You can also opt to store it in locking toolboxes if you have small kids at home. However, some sex toys come with a case when you purchase them. Always make sure that you do not mix clean and dirty sex toys in one place to avoid contamination of the clean toys.

How Often Sex Toys Should Be Cleaned?

Sex toys should be cleaned before and after every use. Not because you already washed the toys it is already safe to use as it can still have bacteria left and it can multiply exponentially over time. It is best to wash it again before you do the solo play.

It is also best to have a sex toy or genital wipes available in case you are too lazy to wash your toys before using them. Even if you are not using your sex toys regularly, you must still schedule a regular clean-up to keep your toys in good shape.



You must always prioritize your health which is why you must follow the guidelines as much as possible. You have to constantly remember that poor hygiene can lead to serious complications that can be avoided if you will follow the proper cleaning and storage of your sex toys.

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